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Chaplanicy Team

 Introducing our Chaplaincy Team


Welcome to the Chaplaincy Blog, the team is made up of two class members form


Year 4

St Martin De Porres- Emmanuel and Theresa-Mae

St Brigid- Jayda and Meagan


Year 5

St Mary MacKilop- Alexzander and Grace

St Joseph of Cupertino- Tianna and Joel 


Year 6

St Therese of Lissieux- Angel and Matthew

St Thomas Aquinas- Juanita and Jasmine




To help the school to grow as a community of faith.

To encourage the pupils to live their faith in daily living.

To support Liturgy, prayer and the spiritual life of the school.

To involve pupils in fundraising for charities.

To support the school in its Mission Statement


Duties include:

Helping to plan and lead assemblies and Masses

Organising and leading class prayer times with other pupils

Lead lunchtime prayer opportunities throughout the year eg: Rosary, Prayer Garden, Stations of the Cross

Ensuring that Class prayer areas are tidy and reflect the season.

Organising fund raising for charity

Supporting younger children with their spiritual development



Summer Term 2018

As a celebration of new life after Jesus’ resurrection members of the Chaplaincy team planted flowers and watered the school’s potatoes, lettuce and spring onion.





Easter Gardens

During the Easter break children across the school were invited to make an Easter garden. See below all the wonderful creations...






December 2018

Before we began our role as Chaplaincy team, Fr. Bartholomew gave us a blessing in order to support and bless our journeys to promote our faith throughout the school.

Before we knew it, it was Advent and we were taking on our first duty to support the homeless through the Croydon Churches Floating Shelter. Children from St Chad’s were encouraged to donate items such as hats, scarves and toiletries to help the homeless over the cold months of December and January.

We encouraged and promoted this charitable event by making posters that were placed in classrooms. On Friday the 13th December we visited Holy Innocence Church, a local church who support the homeless, and gave our donations to Mother Roxanne.


Our next steps as Chaplains 

Over the next term we are planning

-to design a prayer area in the school

-lead Liturgies for the Holy Week

-plant flowers and vegetables to represent to new life  


Lent 2018

During this time of Lent we ask God for forgiveness and try to listen to his calling therefore we have been planning forgiveness activities that we will be inviting members of the school to participate in during the period of Lent.