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Curriculum Rationale

Our pupils; “a force for positive change”


At St Chad’s we often reflect on what we do and how we are doing it to remind ourselves of our core purpose. It is, not only to ensure our children achieve their full potential but because, as they experience our curriculum, they will have the skills, knowledge and values to be able to be a force for positive change in this world. We want to give our pupils what they need to make the world a better place, in line with Catholic Social Teaching, leaving the world in a better place. Our pupils need to understand that they can make a difference and that they have a voice that we can help be heard. Their views on issues that affect children need to be heard and we need to facilitate this. Our curriculum is such that during this time they realise they can become a force for positive change: in their homes, their school, their community and the world.


At St Chad’s we strive to provide an ‘I Wonder’ curriculum grounded in a strong sense of ethical values, which includes established bodies of knowledge alongside the skills and dispositions required for future success. The aim of this curriculum is to support pupils in becoming active, critically minded citizens and happy, well-rounded individuals capable of life-long learning. At our school, the key dispositions we want our children to develop are the drivers of our curriculum and the bodies of knowledge are the means to facilitate and grow these behaviours.