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Final Week-Week beginning 13th July, 2020

13th July, 2020

Dear Parents,

What a year we have all had!

Although we have so missed teaching your child in our classrooms, we are so proud of how they have adjusted to guided home learning over the past few months. Despite their young age, they have remained engaged and enthusiastic each day and we thank you for all of your support and flexibility in helping us to make the most of this strange time. 


Maths: This week onwards the children will be revisiting and revising the learning some of the maths topic to enable them to deepen their understanding. This week the children will be revising ‘Place Value’. The answer keys are also provided; they are on the next slide. Mymaths tasks are also uploaded weekly.

English: This week the children will read a short story –King Midas and the Donkey Ears’ and will complete the tasks assigned based on the story. Grammar tasks are also uploaded weekly on

Geography: This week the children will be looking at the rivers across the world and will also recall facts on the Layers of the Earth

Science: Children will investigate lots of wonderful activities. They are all safe but we would request you to help them arrange the resources, which should be readily available at home. We have suggested three activities, so that the children have a choice.

Art: Design a hat or disguise that King Midas could have worn to have kept his ears secret

We wish you and your families a well-deserved, relaxing, and warm summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you around the school again soon. 

Best wishes and a BIG THANK YOU once again!

Mrs Poddar, Mrs Gallaghar and Mrs Williams