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Home Learning Summer Term 2020

MATHS for Year 4- Week beginning 20th April

Summer Term- Week 1- Decimals

For maths this week, we would like you to use this set of planning from the White Rose scheme. (The scheme we use in school.)

Start at week 1. (There is the equivalent of 5 days of work here listed as Day 1, Day 2 etc.) Each starts with a video for you to watch where the new learning is explained.  Then, there is a worksheet for you to download and print off. You can even just have it on the screen and answer the questions in your book if you do not have a printer.

When you have finished the week’s activities you could try the flashback activity here.

LITERACY for Year 4- Week beginning 20th April

Summer Term- PowerPoint 1- Blue Abyss 1

This term our topic is 'Blue Abyss', which is all about the ocean! The first 5 Literacy lessons on 'Blue Abyss 1' are focused around the poem 'The Sea', by James Reeves. All instructions are in the 'notes' section on each slide. There is nothing to print for these activities and all learning can be done from the screen.

Feel free to also think of your own art or drama activities to support this Literacy learning, too! 

SCIENCE for Year 4 - Week beginning 20th April

Summer Term- PowerPoint 1- Blue Abyss

As mentioned, our new topic is 'Blue Abyss'. To get you started, your task is to pick any sea creature of your choice and to learn as much about it as possible e.g. appearance and body parts, environment, diet, interesting facts etc. and then put this research into a project! This could be an information poster, a factfile, a powerpoint, a speech - whatever you like! Don't forget diagrams, captions, headings, scientific vocabulary and to write in the style of non-fiction (factual language). E-Safety reminder: Please supervise children whilst they are researching on the Internet.

SPANISH for Year 4 - Summer Term

Some Spanish resources have been uploaded as part of the children's Modern Foreign Language education. There is no time limit or expectations attached to this - enjoy learning some simple Spanish together! Worksheets can be printed or used as a guide from the screen. There are also some PowerPoints to use as a teaching tool.


Reading (to an adult or older sibling) and times tables practice (written and/or verbal) should still be happening daily, as a minimum requirement for their education at home. Please ensure this is kept up with as much as possible.

Many thanks, 

The Year 4 Team