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A Partnership Between Home and School

Together, we can form a strong partnership that will help children to get the most out of life, now and in the future. As parents and carers your encouragement and interest in your child's school life will be vital to their progress. Your role involves supporting learning although regular, spelling and , as children get older, homework.

Parents need to ensure that children come to school on time, every day, apart from when they are unwell. Absence and lateness are disruptive to your child and others in their class and will affect your child's level of achievement.  You can discuss any problems your child may be having with your child's teacher.  If you continue to have concerns you can contact the Phase leader, Deputy Head or Headteacher.

At St. Chad's we will make every effort to ensure that school is a welcoming and stimulating environment in which all children can learn and parents feel included.

We will teach a broad and balanced curriculum, which will be enriched by visits to places of interest and visiting experts.

Your child's progress will be monitored, assessed and reported to parents each term at parent/teacher consultations, with a written report at the end of each school year.

Children will be respected as individuals and helped to achieve their potential. St Chad's recognises all races, cultures and religions and aims to empower children to feel secure in their own background and to respect each other. 

Staff and parents at St Chad's have great respect for each other and are willing to discuss any issue, with a view to resolving it.