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Reading Buddies


Reading buddies is a literacy intervention in which Year 6 pupils are paired with Year 3s who, for whatever reason, need additional help in progressing with their reading. During one lunchtime on Wednesdays and Thursday each week, with the help of our Reading Buddies co-ordinators the younger pupils meet with their Buddy in the library to read to each other and discuss books. The Year 6 also help their reading mentees use the library, and talk to them about their interests in an effort to source books that will engage them and increase their interest in reading.

In Reading Buddies, the older students help model good reading. By doing this, they are improving the fluency of their Year 3 buddies. However, it is not only the Year 3s who have benefited from the program. In volunteering their time to help the younger pupils, the Year 6s involved have actively lived out their Catholic faith and developed important life skills for themselves.