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Religious Education

At St Chad's Catholic Primary school we aim to provide an environment in which children can grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and develop their own relationship with Jesus. We want our children to understand that religion is not just for learning but also for living.  Religious Education is not simply one subject among many, but the foundation of our entire educational process.

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At our school we use ‘COME AND SEE’ Programme of Study. 

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This programme is made up of a unit on a specific theme for each half term for all the different year groups from Nursery to Year 6.  Children learn and reflect by reading stories from the Bible and other Christian books such as lives of saints and prayers written by other people.   We also study other world faiths in order to develop our knowledge and to help promote tolerance and understanding of other people’s beliefs and practices.   In the Autumn term we study ‘Judaism’ while in the summer term we study one of the other major world faiths namely, Sikhism, Islam or Hinduism.



At St Chad's children are exposed to a variety of prayer experiences, both formal and informal, private and together with other. Children are encouraged to take an active part in school Masses, including the preparation of readings and prayers. Daily Collective Worship takes place either as a whole school, Key Stage or class.

All classes begin and end the day with a prayer.   They also pray before and after lunch.

Each class has a prayer table to provide a focus for prayer and reflection which is linked to the RE topic or to special days and seasons in the liturgical year.

Whole school masses are held at the beginning of each term and on special liturgical days.    Masses take place in the parish church which is next door to the school or in the school hall.  Parents and parishioners also attend.

Please click on the link to view our R.E. Newsletters and the Seasons of the Liturgy Year.