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Science at St Chad's

At St Chad’s Catholic Primary School, we teach Science in order to develop the children’s sense of enquiry, leading them to ask questions and extend their knowledge and understanding of living and non-living things in the world around them. 

The Science Curriculum supports supports the children to develop the necessary scientific knowledge, understanding, vocabulary and skills. Through explicit lessons and cross curricular links, the children are encouraged to observe, question, predict, explain and draw conclusions. This enables them to learn how to work as scientists, to plan and undertake scientific investigations and evaluate findings, through whole class, small group and paired work activities.


Through high-quality science teaching, staff at St Chad’s aim to help our children understand how major scientific ideas have played a vital role in society. We aim to prepare our pupils for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world.

We do this by:

  • Delivering high-quality, interesting and engaging Science lessons that make links to the real world and in which everyday examples are used.
  • Encouraging the children’s interest and curiosity in their environment, and developing their respect for living things and the physical environment.
  • Developing cross-curricular links with other subjects and in particular Literacy, Maths, Design and Technology, Physical Education and Computing.
  • Teaching about the contributions made by a diverse group of significant scientists from a range of cultures.
  • Developing and extending children’s scientific knowledge and understanding, to help them to answer their own scientific questions.
  • Developing the children’s ability to work scientifically and involve them in planning, carrying out and evaluating investigations.
  • Developing the children’s scientific vocabulary; through modelling high quality scientific language; and encouraging children to articulate scientific concepts clearly.
  • Ensuring that all children are appropriately challenged to make good progress in Science.
  • Providing engaging educational workshops and trips of Scientific interest.
  • Ensuring classrooms have evidence of Scientific learning in their environment including displays, books, posters or working walls and photos of experiments.

Home Learning

The following websites are useful in supporting your child to develop their Scientific knowledge, understanding, vocabulary, concepts and skills.

STEM Home Learning 

British Science Week 2020 'Our Diverse Planet'