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St. Clare - Mrs Gallagher/Miss Miroslaw

Maths and Grammar Homework:

Homework will be set every Friday on and 

MyMaths Reminder - You must use the school login first, THEN the children's personal login on the next page. The school login is:

Username: stchads4

Password: triangle71


The children will have their spelling test every Monday. They will have opportunities to practice their spellings throughout the week while in school.

Please spend some time with your child at home making sure they are learning their spellings, understand the meaning of each word and can use it correctly in a sentence. There is a group 1 spelling list and a group 2 spelling list - your child has been told which group they are in. The spellings for this week are as follows:

Group 1:               Group 2:

said                       eighth

says                       enough

are                         exercise

were                      experience

here                      experiment

there                    extreme

where                  famous

house                  favourite

love                      February

come                  forwards


Rainbow test practice: