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Week 11

Week beginning Monday 6th July, 2020

Cross-Curricular Learning - Road Trip, USA - 3:

The powerpoint for this week's learning, 'Road Trip, USA! - 3', is available to download below. There are 5 days of work. Each day is signified by the number in the top right-hand corner (for example L1 would be Lesson 1 for Monday, L2 for Tuesday etc.). This week we will be covering Geography, Literacy and History.

PLEASE read the notes section (beneath each slide) for key information and instructions, related to the task. There are no extra documents to download for this week's Road Trip, USA lessons. 


This week, we are continuing our revision of multiplication. Don't forget to visit the websites advised on the PowerPoint, too!

Science - Electricity:

We will now be moving on to our topic on Electricity.

Please watch these videos:

Below is a Science powerpoint lesson and activities to complete this week:

'Science - Lesson 2 - Electricity' 


Learn about what happened when a foreign explorer found America, it changed the course of history forever.

Christopher Columbus:


This week is RE - Lesson 4.The document includes detailed parental guidance and some background knowledge required for teaching the activity. It is important that these lessons are completed with an adult. Push your child's thinking and help them to make religious or personal links, where possible. 


I have uploaded some new Spanish resources below. We are continuing with food. Use the powerpoint for practice, before attempting the tasks.  Remember, online and YouTube have some fantastic resources to support teaching/learning Spanish, too! Do you know somebody who can speak Spanish? Maybe you could zoom/facetime them and practise with them!

Guided Reading:

Please do continue to access 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' text and study guide - I have reuploaded this for those asking for it. Read a chapter then locate the associated activities for that chapter in the study guide. 

This week we will be learning about Native Americans in our Cross-Curricular 'Road Trip, USA!' learning. Therefore, I would like you to read about two important Native American women: Pocahontas and Sacagawea.



I have uploaded some reading comprehensions below about these two famous Native American women.


It is incredibly important that we keep our bodies healthy too. At 9am Mondays and Wednesdays,  Joe Wicks livestreams a workout for children on YouTube. Just type in 'PE with Joe' just before 9am. He will also be doing a session on Saturday mornings now.

You could also go for walks, bike rides, exercise or play sports in the garden/park/outdoor space - whatever you have access to and can manage. Stay fit, eat healthily and get enough sleep at night.


Remember to read and practise your times tables everyday for at least 10-20 minutes.

This website has lots of games, videos and learning for all subject areas: and

This is EXTRA learning for if all the work from here has been completed, or to be completed in ADDITION to the work set here. Challenges may sometimes be reset if the result shows the student could do with more practice. Please do reattempt these when they are set.   

Get Epic!:

For those signed up in St Brigid, I have assigned an entire collection of non-fiction books on famous Americans!

To login, visit: and enter our class code is: bap3610 - PARENTS: please add your email to the account, so that I can grant you free access to the site over Summer! Some of you have already done this - thank you!