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Week 2

Week beginning Monday 27th April, 2020

Blue Abyss -2 - Powerpoint - Cross Curricular activities to support learning throughout the week. Please complete Blue Abyss 1 before moving on, you do not need to skip ahead if you are not ready yet. There are 5 activities all related to sea creatures with a range of tasks to support comprehension, writing, creativity and science. Enjoy!

Year 4 Maths- Week 2 beginning 27th April

This week, we would like you to use Week 2 of the White Rose Planning for year 4. This week we are continuing to work on decimals. Here is the link:


This week, we'd like you to research the Seven Seas and 5 Oceans. See how much you can find out. Create a fact booklet or powerpoint (or some sort of information text of any form) to display your research. 


Please continue to access the Spanish resources uploaded in Week 1. Remember, online and YouTube have some fantastic resources to aid learning Spanish!

Religious Education

This week we'd like you to create a piece of artwork (digital, craft, paint, model, drawing - anything you like/have access to), to represent the miracle and joy of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Please take pictures to share with us for when we return to school. Write a short prayer to accompany this.