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Week 4

Week beginning Monday 11th May, 2020

Blue Abyss -4 - PowerPoint - Cross Curricular

These are a range of activities to support learning throughout the week on our topic 'Blue Abyss'. There are 5 activities all related to the layers of the ocean and sea creature food chains. Enjoy!

(Feel free to complete Blue Abyss 1, 2, 3 before moving on to Blue Abyss 4 if you would prefer to do so, you do not need to skip ahead if you are not ready yet. Do what works for you!)


This week, we would like you to use Week 4 of the White Rose Planning for Year 4. This week we are focusing on multiplication. Here is the link:

Once you have watched the video, please use the link given underneath to the BBC Bitesize website in order to access worksheets relating to this video.

The link is here:

The White Rose site will no longer allow you to download their worksheets but we are sure you will find the free ones on BBB Bitesize just as good.

You can also use this site to print off work from previous week if you need more practise.

If any of you find the Year 4 work here tricky then please try the year 3 lessons on BBC Bite Size.


Please continue to access the Spanish resources uploaded in Week 1. Remember, online and YouTube have some fantastic resources to support teaching/learning Spanish!

Religious Education

We are beginning our topic on 'Pentecost - Serving'. Please see the 'RE - Pentecost - 1' PowerPoint for this week's RE learning.


Here is a link to a video of sea creatures accompanying some relaxing music. Remember to take time out to just pause and think and be still.

I have also attached some mindfulness colouring of sea creatures native to New Zealand.


It is incredibly important that we keep our bodies healthy too. At 9am every school day, Joe Wicks livestreams a workout for children on YouTube. Just type in 'PE with Joe' just before 9am. He also does quizzes to test your minds whilst you exercise! Sometimes there is even dress up challenges! You could also go for walks, bike rides, exercise or play sports in the garden - whatever you have access to and can manage. Stay fit, eat healthily and get enough sleep at night.

Guided Reading

Please do continue to access 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' text and study guide under the first home learning tab. After you have finished, you could watch the movie or read the sequel!


Please remember to be practising the words from the year 3 and 4 National Curriculum list. This list can be found here:

A good method of practice to start with is 'look, cover, write, check', then move on to writing from memory, then into sentences.


Remember to read and practise your times tables everyday for at least 10-20 minutes.

This website has lots of games, videos and learning for all subject areas: