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Week 4 - Week Beginning 11th May 2020

A reminder from Ms White that we will have a zoom meeting on Monday 11th May at 10.00am for the children to say hello to each other. The school office sent out an email last week with the link on it.

Ms White

Here is the work for this week, these links take to you to different websites and there are also attachments below for English, as well as the and MyMaths that is uploaded.

Audio Stories for Children

RE Sunday 10th May Liturgy for Families

RE Daily Prayer w/c 11th May 2020

Maths Year 1: White Rose w/c 11th May - 5 Lessons

History - Who was King Henry VIII?

History - Who was Queen Elizabeth I ?

Science - Basic Parts of a Plant

Science Year 1 - Everyday Materials

Geography - 5 Oceans Song

Geography - Oceans and Seas

Art - How to draw a boy

Art - How to draw a house

These are phonemes (sounds) learnt in Reception and Year 1 it would benefit the children if they revised them:

Lesson 1 - o-e (split digraph) as in home                    Lesson 2 - or

Lesson 3 - ue as in home                                                Lesson 4 - ur

Lesson 5 - ew as in grew                                                 Lesson 6 - ow in cow

Lesson 7 - u-e (split digraph)                                         Lesson 8 - oi 

Lesson 9 -e as in we                                                         Lesson 10 - ear

Lesson 11 - aw as in claw                                                 Lesson 12 - air