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Week 6

Year 4- Week beginning: 1st June 2020

We hope you all had a lovely half term. Here are the details of what you need to do this week as you continue to carry out your learning at home.


Please continue to use White Rose maths. This week starts with learning how to add and subtract fractions. (To watch the daily video and demonstration) (To access the daily worksheet)

The BBC BiteSize site also shares a video and gives you more examples. Please read these and complete any additional activities before completing the worksheets. We have attached copies of some of the worksheets below.

Additional Maths:

Please practise using money with your child this week. Use coins and notes. Perhaps you could put prices on things around the house and take turns buying and selling these products - this will help children to grow familiar with using different coins/notes, adding and subtracting with decimals and gives them real-world experience too. 

To reinforce this, visit this site to play some money games:


Please use this spelling list and make full use of the Study, Learn, Games and Test tabs to learn these words.


Please see below for a brief Literacy plan for Monday and Tuesday of this week.   Blue Abyss - 6 has now been uploaded for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday's Literacy learning. This week we are focusing on biography writing! 


Watch this once live lesson about the Blue Planet and carry out the related activities.


Celebrate the story of Pentecost – what can you remember about the story? What message does it have for Christians today?

Mission Together and CAFOD have Pentecost liturgies you can download and celebrate:

Here is a simple craft idea relating to Pentecost:


Remember to read and practise your times tables everyday for at least 10-20 minutes.

This website has lots of games, videos and learning for all subject areas: and 

Challenges may sometimes be reset if the result shows the student could do with more practice. Please do reattempt these when they are set. 

Not everybody is logging on to do these challenges. Please be sure to complete these as a minimum alongside times table practice and reading. Thank you :)