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Week 7

Week beginning 8/6/2020


From now on, we are going to go over things that have already been taught in Year 4 so that you get to practise them again before going to Year 5. We will start with Rounding to the nearest 10 on Monday and Rounding to the nearest 100 on Tuesday.  Use the powerpoint below for an explanation. Questions and answers are included on the slides. There is no need for you to print anything. 

The worksheets used in the lesson PowerPoint attached below were taken from this site if you need more practise. It also comes with answers. There are other worksheets attached below.

Spelling for Year 4

This week we are looking at words ending in -tion. Please use the LEARN tab on the following website to practise spelling these words.

Attached are some worksheets you can also use to practise these words.


Try this lesson on BBC Bite size all about inverted commas.

Cross-Curricular learning:

Blue Abyss 7 is available to download below. This week we are learning about submarines and the Great Barrier Reef. All documents that are required for the learning are also available to download below. Enjoy!


There are some Great Barrier Reef colouring pages to download and do. Perhaps you could have a conversation about protecting the oceans whilst completing these and listen to some peaceful music or a watch a blue planet documentary.


Attached are some activities relating to food chains and food webs.


Remember to read and practise your times tables everyday for at least 10-20 minutes.

This website has lots of games, videos and learning for all subject areas: and 

Challenges may sometimes be reset if the result shows the student could do with more practice. Please do reattempt these when they are set. 

Not everybody is logging on to do these challenges. Please be sure to complete these as a minimum alongside times table practice and reading. Thank you :)