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Week 8-Week beginning 15th June

15th June, 2020

Dear Parents,

Hope you are all keeping well.Thank you for continuing to embrace the regular routine of structured English and Maths work each day, and we continue to focus on ways in which to engage and stimulate your child’s learning. While it is important to focus on the core subjects, please remind them to take advantage of and complete the tasks on foundation subjects too to ensure they maintain a good balance of academic as well as creative thinking skills. 

Home/School Contact: Please do not hesitate to speak with us if you have any queries or would like advice/support with any aspect of the guided home learning programme. We are here to work with and support you as well as your child. Please do as much or as little as you feel appropriate.


Maths: This week onwards the children will be revisiting and revising the learning some of the maths topic to enable them to deepen their understanding. This week the children will be revising ‘Money’. For convenience, the slides for the questions are coloured green in the PPT. The answer keys are also provided, they are either on the next slide or on the notes in the PPT. Mymaths tasks are also uploaded weekly.

English: This week the children will write a story based on a picture and also comprehend the story of Horrid Henry. The daily tasks designed are to ease the transition into home learning and enable the children to write and complete their work independently. The flow of lessons is on the timetable. Grammar tasks are also uploaded weekly on

RE This week we continue with our topic ‘Choices’ and the children will learn what makes a choice a ‘good one’. They will also learn and understand the potential impacts of some of their daily choice.

Science: This week children will complete two lessons on Light. The first lesson is on creating a shadow puppet theatre. The second lesson is a quiz to check and reinforce their learning.

Art and D&T: To paint and decorate shadow puppet theatre and make it attractive and exciting! Step by step instructions are provided in the science lesson.

We want your support in encouraging independent reading and in engaging in your child’s reading. Kindly try to build this into your daily routine and have a quiet, comfortable space your child (and you) can read in. We would be delighted if they can complete the daily tasks, but if they cannot, we completely understand.

Best Wishes

Mrs Poddar, Mrs Gallaghar and Mrs Williams