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Week Beginning 4th May

Like last week, amongst the resources below you will find ‘phonics activity calendars’ to work through over the month of May

Only ONE of the calendars will be relevant to your child (you may need to try out a couple to work out the right level for them) so either phase 2, 3 or 4. Work through your chosen calendar at your child’s pace, perhaps completing a few activities each day during the time you set aside for phonics - combined with the daily phonics lessons, these activities should last the month. 


Phonics Lesson 6 - 00 - look                     Lesson 6 - Blending with i

Phonics Lesson 7 - ar                                  Lesson 7 - Blending with d

Phonics Lesson 8 - or                                  Lesson 8 - Blending with h

Phonics Lesson 9 - ur                                  Lesson 9 - Blending with u

Phonics Lesson 10 - ow -cow                    Lesson 10 - Blending with j