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Year 2


Welcome to Year Two !

St Martha Class Teacher: Mrs Campbell
St John Paul Class Teacher: Mrs Chandler
Home Learning

Welcome to the Summer Term.  Mrs Campbell and Mrs Chandler will be putting work on Home Learning each week. 

Click on Home Learning on the right hand side then select the relevant week.   You will find work and activities for all subjects. 

In addition to the work set for your child please ensure that they are also doing the work sent on MyMaths and  Please check these sites and pages regularly.  If you cannot find your passwords for MyMaths or, please contact the school office.

It is important that the children are reading to an adult for at least 15 minutes each day.  By listening to your child read they will have the opportunity to ask you the meanings of unfamiliar words which will extend their vocabulary.  Regular reading will improve your child's writing skills.  Consistent reading can improve concentration and your child will gain valuable knowledge. 

Your child should also be learning the times tables.  So please include this in your daily routine. 

Below you will find a suggested timetable for Year 2 Home Learning.

Have fun and enjoy learning. 


Mrs Campbell and Mrs Chandler